About Us

Baby Babas is a bandana-style dribble bib! Its a fashionable bandana scarf and at the same time absorbs your babies dribble, keeping their little chins, necks and chests dry!

The story behind BabyBabas

The idea of Baby Babas started when I became a mum and my son started teething. He was drooling a lot and constantly had a wet chin and neck. He had just started nursery and every day I had to leave him with a bag of bibs to change, in order to keep him dry. I had to look for a better solution that would keep him dry throughout the day. At that time I tried bibs that were water proof with plastic backs, however they were very stiff and unattractive, then plain terry cloth bibs with velcro fasteners, which irritated his neck and weren’t water proof enough. In the end my baby boy was constantly covered up by large clumsy bibs!

How the idea began

I was looking for bibs that my baby could wear all day long without irritating him. They had to be waterproof, soft and comfortable. Wearing them all day, I wanted something that would compliment his clothes, not cover them up completely. I did some research and discovered the bandana style dribble bib and I fell in love with the idea!

The more I researched, I soon realized that there was little choice here in Spain and whatever bib I did find, was either too expensive or only available to buy from abroad, where exchange rates and delivery costs made them costly. Having a background in fashion design, I decided to design and create and my own version of the bandana bib.

The Baby Babas bib

BabyBabas are hand-made and from locally sourced fabrics selected by myself, ensuring they are the highest quality cotton. The top layer is 100% organic cotton jersey, which acts as an absorbent, keeping your babies delicate chins, necks and chests rash free and dry. The bottom layer is a type of terrycloth, containing 30% polyester and 70% cotton, which acts as a waterproof base stopping liquid from soaking through. The bibs have two nickel free, adjustable press-studs. This is an ethical product, sourced, printed and hand-made by local seamstresses.

Whats different about my bibs?

The bibs are cute, fashionable, waterproof, high quality and fit comfortably around your baby’s neck, that they won’t even notice that they are wearing it. It is light and easily can be worn as part of an outfit.

Discount Pricing

I wanted to offer mums the affordable possibility of buying multiple bibs and low cost. The more you buy, the more you save! You can buy all the bibs that you desire, in the colours or prints you like and that match all of your cute baby outfits. Also, in case you need to use five bibs a day, like I did with my baby!