Our discount prices

We offer the possibility of buying multiple bibs at the most affordable prices. Having so many different colours and styles to choose from, you can buy all of your favourite bibs that match all of your baby’s cute little outfits.

Our pricing options are simple, the more you buy, the more you save! The price for one bib starts at €5. The more bibs you add to your cart, the price automatically reduces per bib, until after 12 bibs, the price reaches a minimum of €2,80 per bib.

Quantity Price per bib You save Your final price
1 x bib €5.00 €0 €5
2 x bibs €4.80 €0.40 €9.60
3 x bibs €4.60 €1.20 €13.80
4 x bibs €4.40 €2.40 €17.60
5 x bibs €4.20 €4 €21
6 or more €4.00 €6 €24